What Kind Of Mother She Is?

My niece had been guarding with this episode in Maalala Mo Kaya for a month now, it was cancelled due to MTRCB restrictions. It said to be not appropriate if it will be air. My niece told me about it, the story is very disturbing indeed as the Mom tried to help her husband, the step dad of the kid to rape the daughter. This reminds me of one of the episode still in Maalala mo Kaya, a father raped his 2 daughters.

I am not against of the MTRCB decision of not airing it out since there will be kids could eventually watch it. Maybe if it will push through, the kids should be out in the living room or they should be sleeping early or do not let them watch it, my eldest daughter is on training so I don’t have problem with it, and my niece said she will just let F use the computer if it will be air tomorrow.

I really don’t like this kind of scene; as long as I could I would rather not to watch it. With the plot of the story alone, I already feel so terrible, my stomach seems turned upside down when I heard that the mother was the one who helped the step dad to do it with her own daughter. I mean, how could a mother have the spirit to sacrifice her own daughter just to fulfill the husband’s selfish desire. How could she dare to do that to her own child? What kind of mother she is?

Tomorrow is the airing schedule, I am not even sure if I could watch it.

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One Response to “What Kind Of Mother She Is?”

  1. Pretty Kat says:

    wa ko mi tiwas ug tan-aw gabii sa MMK Anne kay naa pod ako bunso, amo na lang gibalhin sa Arnold Swarzzenegger movie hehehe.. di maayo ang scene kay mother helping the step dad to rape her own daughter.. luod kaayo.