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Want To Delete Your FB Account?

If you are tired seeing your news feeds and you are fed up of updating your timeline, and you just want to stop. These are only 3 steps to delete your FB.

If you are using FB connect to your log ins to your other site, just log in each of your sites and log out. If you want to continue using them just change the settings and connect it to your other accounts except FB.

Then just go to The steps are just counting like 1, 2, and 3 you just have to follow the instructions then hit the “Submit” button to delete your FB.

Do not log in until 14 days or at least 3 months, after that all your posts and comments will be also deleted from FB, if you want to make it live again you can visit the site before 3 months.

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Posts In FB

Good thing that my niece told me about Mj’s posts in FB, I was able to stop her for posting an inappropriate tags or shout outs, I told her that it is okay to post but she should have limitations especially when she would transfer in a catholic school in the next school year. She listened to me though now I could see her posting only for Jesus or praising HIM, I am thankful that my eldest daughter listened to my advice I am just so lucky to have her, although yes she would get to stubborn. She doesn’t use FB that much before when she was still on training now that she has lots of vacant she log in from time to time.

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So Addicted With This Candy

Oh yes, officially I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga and I can’t help it. At first, I thought I am the only who is addicted to this game in FB but I was so wrong because there were many of them. What I like with this game is that the lives that you can play for is only  5 and then nothing except if you ask for extra lives from your friends who are also playing with this kind of game. And so this is also the reason why I was not able to update my blogs, I know I should manage my time so I could finish my task on time. I just ate also my words not get addicted with any kind of games in FB and now here I am and I am tired. LOL

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Deleting Some Friends in FB

Yes, I just deleted some friends in FB, those friends who were fake and I just met. Geez, it is better to stick with the old friends than you just met anyway there are also some new friends who are true and real, just like what I have now.

Anyway, this friend does not deserve my loyalty because she never had been. She is so pretentious, as if she is always on your side but when something happens, you cannot find her on your side. I guess that’s why I don’t see or heard her she had friends aside from us maybe because of this attitude. And she had this sip sip thingy, and with that there is no way I can befriend with this woman. If you have a friend like this kind of person you better watch out because she would stabbed you in your back, so beware. Most often than not, I still wish her good luck!