I Wonder if my Acer Netbook Would Also Make a Miracle

As I mentioned before, my niece charger works all a sudden without sending it to a computer repair shop. Now I am wondering if my Acer mini notebook would also make a miracle and will just work without having it repair. I am not sure though because I am not checking it yet, I have to try my charger for this computer to my Acer netbook first so I would know, I mean would it work that way? Or would my charger would be okay for that? I am worried actually what if they are not match and my charger for this computer will get busted. I hope it won’t do any harm with my charger or I’ll be sending both chargers to the computer shop. Actually I need a thorough observation for that so that means I need to have a time for it but right now I just can’t. I mean when I am at home, I am here updating my blogs or resting. I know I should have to have a time for it so I would know. But geez got too busy here, I mean really busy this time.

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Uncomfortable Without A Mouse

Ever since I owned a laptop my husband provided me a mouse to use, so that’s why I am not used to have no mouse at all when writing here online. But when my husband sent me an Acer mini notebook, and I brought it anywhere in the house, I learned how to navigate my mini notebook without a mouse and I was just like okay with it. That time, I proved to myself that I can use my laptop with or without mouse to use.

However, when we just had our getaway last weekend and brought my new laptop, I did not bring my mouse thinking I can be comfortable without it. But oh well, in the contrary, it was a hassle for me, maybe I am already used to have my mouse because it has been a while that I am working without a mouse. My Acer mini notebook was busted since last year, maybe it has something to do with my charger and so my expertise to work without a mouse was not practiced anymore. My daughter even complained because she could not properly play her games without the mouse, it was uncomfortable and hassle at all.

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My Computer Won’t Start Right Away

Mj and Faith’s examination day is over and yesterday was holiday so the kids had long weekend this week. And since Mj stopped already her training she was able to mingle with her cousins who came here to visit and most of the time they were using my mini computer to play some games. Mj downloaded a DJ remix in my new computer and she listened and composes some remix music but this morning my computer was so slow to open, it seems it was hanging.

Actually it was already an issue yesterday morning then just before she downloads that DJ remix, it hangs when it starts. My husband suggested I must have this one checked since it is still under warranty. I told Mj about the computer’s issue, she tried to open it this morning, it hangs but later it worked. It is weird right? Yet I would still send this one back to the shop, I can’t deal with a hang computer whenever I would start it every morning. I will send this one on Monday yet since there is no work today.

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I Brag And Please Spare Me


Yes this is the gadget that I’d been bragging about, just recently I was able to complete my payment and the netbook is finally on my hand. I could not contain my happiness to use it here inside our sweet abode. Now, I could browse and do my online task without any hang in the middle of my work.

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