Download an App Traffic

Don’t you know that you can download an app to check for any possible traffic or to get to the unfamiliar destination? There are many apps out there that you can try, but here’s one that is highly recommended. Try to use waze but when using it, go over your route first then start driving so to get an idea on how to reach to your location beforehand.

In setting your estimated time of arrival, consider any possible queues for parking, the traffic and whether you need to get gas along the way.

Do not use your gadget or your phone when driving. It includes sending and receiving text messages, making phone calls, playing games, watching movies that can distract you when you are driving. Remember it is important to be safe always than risking your life because of these gadgets.


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YM Instant Messaging Will Say Goodbye

I was shocked to read this news in Facebook that the Yahoo Messenger will shut down on August 5th this year. If this is true, I am sure that I will going to miss the Yahoo Messenger, I mean this is my first chat messaging over the Internet and until now I am still using it with my husband, oh well aside from Viber whenever I am in my IPad.

Now that we have Viber, Facebook instant messaging, what’s upp and Face Time, it is sad to say that YM instant messaging will say goodbye soon.

Here’s the good news, it will just say goodbye in Desktop but not with apps. The YM will still be used through apps.

The service started since 1998 and it gained popularity in 2000’s but with our fast phasing other instant messaging apps, YM will have to leave to give in the others. YM has served its purpose and I am sure will miss it.

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Apps: Grab Taxi

I saw this in FB, I thought it’s a new game but it’s not. It’s an app that you could download in your cellphone and with just one click wherever you are they can fetch you and send you to your destination. I haven’t tried this but it sounds interesting. I read some shout outs and said it is indeed true. I thought that this would apply to all taxi in the city but nope it’s not, it is only apply to some taxi who worked in Grab Taxi. And this would only available to the drivers who also install these apps in their phone. This grab taxi has a design with cute ears and the color is pink, it looks like a hello kitty but nope it’s not. I wonder how these apps worked.

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Free Call And Text

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I’d been telling my husband to install viber on his cellphone but he could not install viber since his cellphone was not Android. It was then later he realized he needed a new phone. He bought one afterwards and when he got home, he asked me of what application should he install so he can call and text me. I informed him about VIBER and he installed it right away.

Now, he could send me a message and call me as long as we both connected to Wi-Fi. He absolutely enjoyed the free calling and free texting. And then we heard about installing the VIBER into our desktop. My niece gives it a try, and then I put my number to it. It is good, I mean the voice is clear and we can also send pm’s.


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