Only In Seconds

While we were enjoying our time in Camp Holiday last week, one girl was struggling in Gulf View Beach Resort.

My friend told me the news when we were chatting last week; she said that the girl was seen floating in the water already. A Police came to help her, got her up from the water. They tried to revive the girl, they could still feel her pulse but maybe because of too much water that she intake, and her heart was already drowning, she was not able to make it. The 911 arrived after a while, but when the girl was sent to the hospital, she was already dead.

Accidents happened only in seconds, so we better be careful when going to the beach. Parents should always watched after their kids especially when they don’t know how to swim. You could talk or chitchats with friends at anytime but the safety of your kids should be prioritized at any chances. Remember it is only a split of seconds when things like this happened, take good care of your family first before anything else.

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Beach Party Next Year

My daughter and I had been talking lately about her birthday next year, she told me, she hopes, she will be no longer celebrate at school as she would like to celebrate it at the beach where her team mates could attend she would also love to send Beach Party Invitations to some of her classmates who are close to her. I asked her what made her decide to celebrate it at the beach, she told me then that since first grade until fourth grade, she has been celebrating it with classmates at school; she thinks that the next birthday celebration should be the right time to be different.

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