Restoring My Router

Last night, when I realized that my niece would sleep late once again, I immediately turn the router off not knowing I will be having problem the next day. When I woke up this morning, when I hooked the chord of my router to my computer, it didn’t work out fine. So what I did, I just gave it a rest and hooked the chord of my modem instead. We went out, without minding of my router at all, but when we went back at home, my sister wanted to use the computer but she could not get the Internet connection because I hooked the chord of the router to my computer when we went out that morning, I didn’t know it still didn’t connect. So I tried and tried to hook it but later it said it was unplugged although I already plugged all the chords. It took me hours to figure out what’s the problem, I almost give up but I can’t because the router is new. I reset it instead and waited for an hour again to restore the connection, I was so tired, I wasn’t even cooked dinner for the kids, but thank GOD  my niece did.

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My Buffalo Router

Yes, I finally get rid of my Dlink router and bought a new one on November 29, 2012. We went to the Pediatrician of my youngest when I checked that I still have some spare so I immediately went to the computer shop after the appointment and bought a Buffalo for me. I needed a router because my niece needs to use her computer too and it would be a hassle for me when she needs an Internet Connection that instant for her assignment. The Buffalo router is cheaper than Dlink, with the same feature so I guess I was able to have to the great deal.


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Goodbye DLink, Hello Buffalo!

I was contemplating between the thought of buying another router or to let my old router repair yet before I will make a decision to buy a new one. But today, after I sent my daughter to her Paediatrician for check-up since she has been suffering from LBM and vomiting, I decided to just buy a new router. What I had before is Dlink and it is even expensive than of Linksys, so to make a change, I picked the most affordable one since my friend who is also working in a computer shop said that they have the same feature and the price among them are the only difference. I choose the Buffalo instead, it costs only P1, 400 while Linksys costs P2, 300.00 and the Dlink is P2, 600.00 so why choose the expensive while I can do everything as well for the less expensive, right?

When we arrived home, my niece also arrived from school, I asked her to assist me as I don’t know the procedure to attach to which is which. Oh well, the setup is so easy, it is only like 1, 2, 3 and in an instant we have the Wi-Fi spot here at home.

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