Mj’s New IPhone 5S

I promised my eldest daughter to buy her a new phone when I get my back pay from my previous work. I supposed to buy her a new phone on Monday but since my ATM card was nowhere to be found I wasn’t able to withdraw some cash and since it was holiday and there was no bank open that day. We have to wait until Tuesday to withdraw some money over the counter. Mj could not contain her excitement when we are about to go to Victoria Plaza. She told me she knows someone who sells Iphones with lesser price. I could not believe it at first. Iphones are known not only for their features but for their price, they are very expensive but she said they sell affordable Iphones. At first I really thought that it was an imitation and I told my daughter that it might be scam or something but she said her friend already bought one from them and it work so fine, it is the original Iphones.

When we went to the store, Mj picked the 5s; I asked the guy why they are selling them with lower price. The guy told us that the Iphones are second hand from US. They are the one who opens the line so the phones can be used in the Philippines. They offer warranty of 30 days and 1 year service if the phone won’t work. I checked the phone itself, it looks legit. Moreover, it is Mj’s idea to buy the phone from their store. I even asked her if she would like to check Samsung from the Samsung retailer store but she made a decision already.

Here’s the phone:


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Fingerprint Scanner For Smartphones

When you are so anxious if your phone is secured or not then try the fingerprint scanner cellphones, passwords can be hacked especially with kids at home, even how techie or how complicated your password is, they can detect it without any effort at all, kids nowadays are very smart and so quick whenever they want to find something. If you won’t put password pattern in your phone, then your phone is more exposed and anyone can just check your activity in your phone without you knowing it. Smartphones manufacturer are always and already aware what their customers top most concern and that is to have the phone more secure. So they offered fingerprint scanner. The first company that offered this kind of feature is the Motorola. Then Iphones followed Motorola, adding the fingerprint flagship. Iphone 5s is the one that possess the feature but instead of labeling it as fingerprint scanner they name is as Touch ID. HTC also introduced the same kind of feature they launch One Max after a month of Iphone releasing their fingerprint scanner. But touch ID got the market so HTC was left behind; they were not able to deliver an accurate and reliable scanner at that time. Many expected that Samsung will follow the soonest but then it got silent about it until 2014. Samsung was able to hit the new model big time because they boasted the fingerprint scanner. Iphone and Samsung then got compared; later on Iphone was able to prove that they have the best finger print sensor.

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Busted Cellphone

Mj’s cellphone that used to be Mariel’s cellphone is busted. I mean it was busted even before but right now, Mj can’t use it anymore and she said it won’t turn on at all. So I was thinking to buy myself a new cellphone that I like, and she can use my Microsoft Windows phone. I think I can buy a new cellphone on October, yeah next month because right now I didn’t expect that it’s the time for us to pay the books of my kids at school since we paid only half of it last enrollment and not to mention, Faith is having fever right now, it started yesterday and I am so damn worried about it. So I have to set all my wishes aside, but the moment I am done with my expenses this month, I will make sure that I will have a new phone next month.

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Wanted To Have This Cellphone

 photo Sis_Avail_zpsc0706c2b.jpg

One day, when I had lunch with my friend, she showed me this cellphone in Lazada. She said it is a great buy already since I am looking for a phone to buy but of course as I always said I guess I could not buy this phone at the moment. I have many things I have to attend to financially. I know I always said this to all my blogs even before but this time, money matters is taking a toll on us and I am getting tired. This is the reason why I thought to go to work again. One of these days I will have to submit my resume to one of the call centers here in the city but I won’t go back to the call centers that I have been before.

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