The Desktop Is Already Fixed

I am resigning, I  just submitted my resignation letter last week and it will going to be effective on August 24, 2018. Now I am planning to apply for home base, it could be an online tutor or a virtual assistant. I am already telling it to my husband, I need a new laptop for a home base job. But of course, since we have something else we need to prioritize, we need to have it set aside. 

My sister Lilian though made a deal for me  she have a desktop with complete set and she sold it to me. The thing is that this desktop don’t function. We already have it checked but to  no avail until the boyfriend of my niece offered to fix it. He had a friend who can help on fixing it. He sent the desktop to his friend’s house 2 months ago. I didn’t ask them to fix it right away because I am afraid that it would cost much and I am currently have our car repaired. 

Tonight, my niece told me that the desktop is already working. The part that doesn’t work well is the RAM and the hard disk. They replaced the RAM but the hard disk doesn’t have bigger GIG so any heavy files can’t be downloaded because of the capacity of the GIG. I asked to still leave the desktop on his friend’s house for me to buy a highest GIG hard disk but he said that he can actually install the new hard disk himself so he brought the desktop with him. And I am so glad that it is finally fixed. And since I can’t to use it, I have all the things installed and now I am using it, I am looking at it big screen. Yeah I am excited. I can’t wait to resign. 

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The Budget For Cables And Cords

I already set aside a budget for the cords and cable for the computer that was sold to me. It doesn’t have any power cable, AVR and some sorts to at least to turn it on. When I already have those, I can already identify what are the things that need to improve especially the processor and the windows. It has been a while that I am planning to get a desktop or a new laptop but since my sister offered her desktop to me, I grabbed the chance. As I mentioned before it was like hitting the bird in one stone, I could help her in some way and I can get at least a 2nd hand desktop. Hopefully this desktop would work the best as I expected it to be, otherwise I will just be wasting my money.

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How Powerful Is Social Media Nowadays

It can cover the whole truth, it can bend what’s correct and it can make the lies so powerful that it can turn out nothing but the truth. So be very careful because no matter what position you are right now when somebody hit the video button, you will get the limelight either good or bad. When it’s good, even the 3 year old toddler will praise you but when it’s bad, it would bring you so down that you may wish you were never be born.

Watch out what you write because in social media everything can be shared and these words of yours even if it was just created without basing anything particular, it will be taken against you.

I was watching videos randomly in You Tube and this video caught my attention. One lady was calling someone, asking for assistance and  she recorded it, what’s the agent was asking and verifying and guess what,  they made fun of her saying why they can’t do this and that and why they can’t just give in what they want. And the comments of that video oh well it was one sided, some were posting very outraging comments and put the agent into a very bad position.

And this United Airline incident, I am sure many of you sided the passenger who got dragged out of his seat because someone or a crew will be sitting down his spot. While watching it, I felt sorry for the passenger and got so mad with the airline right away, it was just so unfair! Good thing, I don’t have to board in a plane, I don’t have money to travel so I will stick in my hometown maybe until forever. It is normal to react that way but throwing massive fits online I mean that’s too far beyond discriminatory knowing that the two guards who dragged the guy out from his seat were suspended or maybe terminated already to just pacify the world. I am not against you people, believe me or not how I wish they could have done it in diplomatic way but I am sure that there is an explanation behind that video, what causes of the dragging, why do they have to do the very harsh way, as you said very inhuman not to mention that the person was already 65 years old. Hear the two sides of the story, understand both parties and don’t just throw comments without trying to know the truth because there are also innocent people involved, those people who are just following the law, who are just doing their job and who are just reading the agreement though they said it is very small that no one can ever noticed it.

With the Airline involved, I guess they need to do an effective planning for the passengers, for the crew, for employees and to whoever will board in the plane. I am not expert of an airline law, whatever it is but this should not happen if both parties are just being so careful of their actions and their decision.


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Laptop Was Out Again

My laptop stopped working on December one day and no matter how hard we tried to back things up it just didn’t work. Faith was the last one who used the computer and after that the windows will not turn on. Faith tried to explain everything and I am sure Mariel’s  friend understood it since he was able to fix the computer after a day.

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