My Niece Joined The Photo Walk

When we arrived home today, I received a text from my niece that she will attend an event today. The Fuji film just invited them for dinner since she joined the photo walk last month. When she went home tonight, she told me about the event, she even told me the latest DSLR of Fuji film, I can’t believe that DSLR can be so handy just like they released recently. So we don’t have to bring a very bulky DSLR when we go to an event because you can just carry their latest DSLR without any sweat at all. I asked her how much is their latest DSLR the camera would range from P17,000 to P30,000 and guess what I can’t still afford it. LOL!

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Took Good Shots Through Their DSLR

My camera is not DSLR but I am thankful that some of my friends were able to capture some good shots through their DSLR. One of the parents has the DSLR and he was able to take a picture of my eldest daughter when it was her turn to compete in the water. I just love it, he did not post the picture in FB yet but I will grab the pictures as soon as it was posted of course with his link and his approval. I think I only took some pictures, my camera does not have that good quality and since they brought their DSLR with them, I just ask them to take some pictures of my daughter and other swimmers.

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Blurry Results

I really don’t know what happen to my mini HP DSLR, it sometimes resulted a blurry picture. I really noticed that during our Graduation from work. Did I have a wrong decision to buy an HP brand or I just don’t know how to use the camera at all. It sometimes took nice photos but mostly they were blurry. Sigh, I should buy an Olympus.

 photo HPIM0532_zpsaa07d531.jpg

One of the blurry result pictures, geez I didn’t like it.

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Happy Wife Here

I miss taking pictures but the battery of my digital camera easily gets drained. I told my husband about it and he said he would be looking for another camera for me to use. I teased him if he could buy the DSLR that I had wanted to have since then, and he answered me “maybe”. Yahoooooo!!! I could see a glimpse of hope to own a DSLR camera, actually he already bought the Android that I asked him just this year, hmmm actually I didn’t ask him but he just offered me an Android. Then the next day, he showed me all so sudden the Android in the web cam. I was surprised; I didn’t expect that it was that early. I don’t know how to use the Android though but I know I can follow the instruction that is if I will not be lazy to read. LOL! Android before and now I am waiting for my DSLR, thanks hubby!

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