Fingerprint Scanner For Smartphones

When you are so anxious if your phone is secured or not then try the fingerprint scanner cellphones, passwords can be hacked especially with kids at home, even how techie or how complicated your password is, they can detect it without any effort at all, kids nowadays are very smart and so quick whenever they want to find something. If you won’t put password pattern in your phone, then your phone is more exposed and anyone can just check your activity in your phone without you knowing it. Smartphones manufacturer are always and already aware what their customers top most concern and that is to have the phone more secure. So they offered fingerprint scanner. The first company that offered this kind of feature is the Motorola. Then Iphones followed Motorola, adding the fingerprint flagship. Iphone 5s is the one that possess the feature but instead of labeling it as fingerprint scanner they name is as Touch ID. HTC also introduced the same kind of feature they launch One Max after a month of Iphone releasing their fingerprint scanner. But touch ID got the market so HTC was left behind; they were not able to deliver an accurate and reliable scanner at that time. Many expected that Samsung will follow the soonest but then it got silent about it until 2014. Samsung was able to hit the new model big time because they boasted the fingerprint scanner. Iphone and Samsung then got compared; later on Iphone was able to prove that they have the best finger print sensor.

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Full Specs Of Samsung On7

 photo 14955946_10210578538435788_3450965965132391481_n_2.jpg

Here’s the continuation of the specs of the Samsung On7. The following is the Camera, Connectivity, Audio, Sensor, Etc.,


WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth: v4.0

GPS: Yes

FM Radio: Yes, there is

USB: microUSB 2.0, it also has USB OTG


Audio Jack: 3.5 mm


Environmental:  Proximity & Ambient Light

Orientation: Accelerometer


Capacity: 3000mAh

Type: Li-ion and battery is not embedded


Material: Polycarbonate Plastic

Dimensions: 151.8 x 77.5 x 8.2 mm

Weight: 172 g

Price and Availability

It was launch on June 15, 2016 (PH). I bought this for P 8,990.00


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My Samsung On7

It was last month that finally I was able to buy a new phone. I was able to earn from my part time job at home and since my birthday is fast approaching, I bought a new phone to myself as a gift for working like a dog. You see, I sometimes deprived myself from sleeping because I wanted to give my kids what they need and I also want a new phone at least before this year ends. My effort paid off because the advertiser paid me just on time. I really thought it is impossible for me to buy something new this month.

My new Samsung On7:

 photo 15027648_10210578538475789_4148098449474305089_n.jpg

Details and Specs:

Key features of the phone:

5.5 HD

4G LTE network

1.2 Ghz Quadcore

1.5 GB RAM

13.0 MP camera

300 MAH Battery

SIZE: (which I like) 5.5 inches

Technology: Capacitive TFT LCD

Resolution: HD 720  x 1280 Pixels 267 PPI


OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop

UI: TouchWiz

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 410

CPU: 1.2GHz Quad Core Cortex-A53

GPU: Adreno 306

RAM: 1.5 GB

For Camera, Connectivity, Storage will be  on my next post.

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How Important Is Your IMEI Number

IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. This is a serial number of your cellphone that you didn’t expect that it is very important. It may not sound it is but this serial number can help your cellphone be secured. If someone stole your cellphone, you can report your device that it is stolen and it can be added to the blacklist. The IMEI number can be a big help to identify the phone that uses terrestrial network. Terrestrial network is a network that you use when you place a call on your device and if you are using data connection provided by your phone service provider. Why we are we using terrestrial, because we use planet side antennae and not satellite for you to be connected.

The government can traced your phone using the IMEI but it depends, if you are in postpaid plan it can be detected since you are under contract and it requires you, your identification card. This is the problem of prepaid because they are not under contract so the identification is not required.


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