Wrong Headset

Recently I applied for an online teaching job, my initial interview was last Monday and I passed so they did a technical check of my internet connection on Tuesday, it took a while since my ISP is very slow. Good thing they let it pass, now it is my orientation but they required me to get long microphone the one I got is only short. I bought it last Tuesday now I think I have to buy again another one, I know it was such a waste money but I didn’t know that they required a long microphone so I just bought whatever is available.

How I wish I still can return the headset.

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My New Headphone For Watching Movie Online

It has been a while since I am not using headphone on my computer, the last headphone I had was busted because Faith used it and later she bit the wires. Opps, don’t worry there is nothing happen to Faith but my headphone was useless anymore. Last month, when I was so eager to watch movie online, I bought a new headphone so I can hear the sounds clearly. My headphone still survived now, my eldest daughter is using it from time to time whenever she wants to listen to her favorite songs.

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Bought A Headphones For My Laptop

So since I could not get a hair rebond a while ago, I just bought a headphone instead for my laptop, it has been a while that I didn’t use any headphones for my laptop, the last one was busted when Faith tried to bite the chord. And ever since it was busy I didn’t buy one to use already besides my husband does not use headphone when we chat, if we talk he is just calling me on my landline. But then, just last week sister Lilian and I were able to talk over the Internet and it is so damn hard to talk without a headphone so a while ago before we bought Krispy Kreme for the whole family at home, I also bought a headphone for me. My sister messaged me to chat with me online tomorrow morning.

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