The WiFi In Camp Holiday

Yes, their WiFi is only available in the lobby and you can’t even connect it anytime of the day. You need to wait until night time for you to be successfully getting connected; otherwise you only see the buffering image in your computer. I thought most of the hotels have their internet connection established but I guess I was wrong. Or maybe they really intend to do it so that we all have time to enjoy the place and not just getting online. I mean, you’re wasting your time if you spend your day just browsing while there are many beautiful things to experience around the place. This little getaway is the only way for to get bond out of our busy days at work, especially me since I don’t have much time bonding with my kids at home, so when I learned that the WiFi was not that strong, I have set the laptop aside and went out having fun with my kids and family.

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WiFi Please Be Strong This Weekend

We will have a getaway this coming weekend and you see I am catching up with my blogs so I need to put some update otherwise I will be too behind it again. I wanted to be active again with my work, paying bills, taking good care of the kids is too way impossible but I am trying, believe me I am trying.

So I am hoping that the beach that we will be staying for one night has a WiFi, I mean real WiFi so I can update my blog and can watch my favorite series. Yeah, watching this series, eat my time too but I so like it. It’s witty, so clever and it’s a girl power huh?. You might be interested, they are done with Season 3 and so I am waiting for Season 4, this is highly recommended, the series is title “How to get away with Murder”. How I wish to be like Analise, so clever and the scene is smokin’ hot lol. 

So Camp Holiday, since this will be our first to stay in your hotel as a guest so make your WiFi strong at least so I can work my butt. Hahaha!


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Having The Internet

My husband just browses the Internet and saw the Red Knight Hotel, he finds it affordable so he asks me to go there and ask. So this is the advantage having the internet at home because you can just browse anything you want and you can find the answer there. When I need to call an establishment and I don’t have the number, I just have to google it then viola, the contact number and all the information is there. My husband likes also the idea of the Wi-Fi service in all the area of the hotel so aside from it is affordable it is as well have a Wi-Fi that everyone can enjoy off. My niece Mariel was so happy when she learns it because she can attend to her duties in Cafe Ville. I can also blog as well and chat with my husband who is at the hotel in Detroit.

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