Early Christmas Gift

When my sister arrived from Singapore, she gave me an IPAD right away. It was an early Christmas gift from her. Actually she has 2 IPADS, so she gave the extra one for me. It supposed to be given to her daughter but since her daughter only asked for a new phone, my niece let me have the IPAD. Now my daughter downloaded lots of games to it and that’s what we were busy about. Yes, I shared the IPAD to my daughter.

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At The Power MAC Center

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On Mother’s day when I and my kids roamed around the mall in a bit after we had our dinner, we passed by at the gadget store just to look some. The staff asked us if they could take us a picture, and like their fan page in FB, it is their promo at the store and that if they would pick up our names, we can win an ipad. My daughter was hoping that I could win including my youngest daughter since she always asks that to buy her one. I can only work if I will buy her an ipad for pasalubong, how about that? LOL

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Plan For All Of us

Who among you are gadgets freak? Oh well I guess you would be more than happy to hear that the Smart offered cheaper  iPad 4, iPad mini as much as P499.00 only and for that cost you can already get the 16 GB and 7.9 incher and at 0 zero interest for 2 years. Isn’t that great? It is more than an offer compared of the Telpad that offered me last week. Oh well, I want to own an Ipad I hope this time I can avail it since I am already working. Not to mention that it is one of the requirements to get a plan is a payroll slip and of course how much you earn in a month. I am sure Faith would also love the idea of having an Ipad at home. Not only her but all of us would love it. The other package is Plan 999 of course you would get a huge discount for an Apple device. Are you ready to own an Ipad? Oh well this is your chance and my chance as well.

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I Want IPAD Dad!

My husbands keeps calling at home even I am out in the city to send Mj to the pool, he called home because of my youngest daughter. One night when he called the house, Faith told her Dad of an Ipad. I was out to see my friend and the one who were at home are her sister and her cousin Mariel and my sister as well. My husband was surprised that suddenly Faith asked him of an Ipad, he asked me where did she got that word or how did she know about Ipad, oh well aside from her classmate who sometimes played some games on the Ipad of her mom, Mj at that time was coaching her of an Ipad. And because she knew what an Ipad is or maybe just a gadget that has games she can play on, she agreed and told her Dad about it. I know Faith is too young to own an Ipad so my husband just told her of no Ipad yet but a cat.

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