Weirdest Thoughts

It was raining cats and dogs on our way home, it took us almost an hour to get finally a jeepney, there’s no taxi either so we really have to wait patiently for a vacant seat. Good thing, while waiting, I remember that the kids were running out of vitamins. So we dropped by at the pharmacy to buy ourselves some vitamins. I tell you, it’s a bit creepy at that area because that area was the most affected during the recent flood. The rains remind me of that flood, I was thinking what if the water would rise up again and we are still there trying to find a jeepney or a taxi, not to mention that the traffic was so heavy. Mj could swim but not me. And I think I will not let her to save me, she should save herself first. Anyway, knock on wood, I never wish of that to happen, not even in my weirdest dreams. And on that note, we were able to get a jeepney, even there’s only one seat available, I just let Mj sat on my lap before I go beyond with my weirdest thoughts.

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Quotes and Poems

I sometimes search for Cute quotes online, it unwinds me and somehow it could relieve my stress. I am a busy mom and I need some quotations to make me going especially when I feel very very tired. I could even write a poem when I feel so down and depressed, I have done that when I was in college and that too can help me realized that this life is temporary that if you feel like you are neglected today, for sure in the future, you will be loved and pampered.

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I Hope It Was Not Him

It was pretty awful when you listened to someone’s problem, and even you wanted to help more, you just can’t do it. I was in that situation before and I thought I will turn into pieces, I feel like my hope is so thin yet the only thing I clung to before, was my daughter. I had mentioned here about that driver from last week, his son was diagnosed to a dengue fever and he doesn’t have that much money for the payment for blood donation, a person from the ward his son was into even gave him money to buy his son Durian since it has been told it can help to get back the platelet to its normal count. When he went to the Durian store, his money was not enough, I know he desperately needed some help so I gave him extra, it was not much though but at least I was able to help.

Anyway, that was not the mere concern why I am writing about that taxi driver again.

When I arrived at the pool yesterday, my friend told me about a kid died in dengue fever, and she thought that it was possibly the son of that taxi driver I was telling them. We are not sure yet though, the news doesn’t have enough information, they just said the age of the child and the hospital, which was more likely the hospital that the taxi driver’s son was admitted but they did not said anything about the father at all or whatever he does for a living. Yet, I am afraid he was the same child, I hope it was not him

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Hoping For Her Recovery

Just this week my husband’s coworker was in a near life ending auto accident. She has very severe injuries and was taken to the hospital in a police helicopters. Here injuries are such that she will have a long road to recovery and our prayers are with her. I hope she has disability insurance to make up for some of her lost wages and help with bills and medication. Being injured in an accident is traumatic enough and hopefully she will have a full and complete recovery. Until now, we are still trying to catch up some news about her though, maybe her love one’s are trying their best for her, it is indeed so sad when you know someone in your family is trying to survive. I hope she will get well soon.

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