Watched The Revengers, an Entry For MMFF

So I watched the Revenger Squad, I don’t have plans but my friend at work invited us in yesterday since it was our off. I tagged my daughter along with me, I want to laugh at least or unwind. The movie is okay, okay means just okay, okay. I don’t know it is just the joke is so predictable, maybe we already know how Vice Ganda, makes a transition. The best comedy that I watched of Vice Ganda was the first one, Petrang Kabayo and the Private Benjamin part 1. I was also had a good laugh with Beauty and the Bestie, it is not because of the “team real love team” but the whole of it.

Moving forward with his movie now, I had a good laugh with the bloopers. I mean like when I laugh of the scene it was nonstop at all. I wanna try with the other entries I think I will enjoy the “Deadma Walking”.

8 Entries in MMFF


Deadma Walking

Revengers Squad

Haunted Forest

Ang Panday

Meant To Beh

Ang Larawan

On the other hand, here’s the winner during the MMFF awards night:

Best Actress: Joanna Ampil for Ang Larawan

Best Actor: Derek Ramsay for All of You

Best Picture: Ang Larawan

2nd Best Picture: Siargao

3rd Best Picture: All of You

Best Supporting Actress: Jasmine Curtis for Siargao

Best Supporting Actor: Edgar Allan Guzman for Deadma Walking

Best Director: Paul Soriano for Siargao

Best Child Performer: Bae by Baste for Meant to Beh

Best Sound: Siargao

Best Musical Score: Ang Larawan

Best Original Theme Song: Siargao

Best Visual Effects: Ang Panday

Best Production Design: Ang Larawan

Best Full-Length Film – People’s Choice Award: “Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad”

Best Editing: “Siargao”

Best Cinematography: “Siargao”

Best Screenplay: “All of You”

Best Visual Effects: “Ang Panday”

Best Production Design: “Ang Larawan”

Children’s Choice: “Ang Panday”

FPJ Memorial Award: “Ang Panday”

Gatpuno J. Villegas Cultural Award: “Ang Larawan”

Special Jury Prize:

Nick Joaquin (“Portrait of the Artist as Filipino”)

Rodel Nacianceno a.k.a. Coco Martin

Short Film – People’s Choice Award – “Noel”

Short Film – Best Picture – “Anong Nangyari kay Nicanor Dante?”

Best Float: “Deadma Walking”


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Captain America Vs Iron Man

My friends and I at work agreed to watched the Captain America vs Iron Man Civil War. I didn’t want to watch at first but my friends just too interested that I can’t even say no. Oh well, it is worth it, my money was not put to waste. The effects are very technical, the stunts are very amazing. If I would compare it to Superman vs Batman, I can rate this one so much better. I even told our supervisor that this should be the movie that they treat us to not the Superman vs Batman. Well, I guess it is already late to suggest. So for those who was not able to watch it yet, I guess you really have to. You will miss half of your life if you won’t. I don’t want to spoil by summarizing the movie but what I can tell is it is so much fun, the lines are deep and yes it is about friendship.

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TCP # 8: Cars Part 2

When we watched a Kung Fu Panda the other day with my kids, one of the trailer before the movie started was the famous movie “Cars” Do you remember the part 1 of this, it is just so awesome! I thought it was so boring that I didn’t dragged my kids to the theaters but when I watched it in Disney Channel, the story was pretty awesome. Thus, I won’t this Cars Part 2 will just slipped away without us watching it in the big screen. I am so looking forward for it; this is as well my entry for:

Here’s the trailer of the movie Cars part 2:

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TCP # 1: The Perfect Man

I am sorry for the late entry, I just don’t know what was the theme for Tuesday Couch Potatoes but when I visited the site, there is already an update, and the theme was stated. So here’s my pick for:

The Perfect Man is a story of Mom and daughter heart warming relationship. Hillary Duff plays the role of Heather Locklear who tried so hard to find a perfect for her Mom. She was grown tired already of moving out from one place to another every time her Mom had a break up, that is her way of heart therapy. But when Heather Locklear could not find one, she made up a secret admirer for her Mom, she sent her flowers and gifts so for them not to move out again.

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