Nice Selection

Our oldest daughter wants to transition from an acoustic to an electric guitar.  Well along with selecting an electric guitar for her we are going to have to get her an amplifier.  I know that you can have a nice selection of vox amps at that would work very nicely for her.  As she continues to progress with her musical endeavors, we want to give her what she needs to help her succeed.  She has shown significant improvement between her first recital and her latest.  Now if only we can work on her singing, we may end up with a real performer.

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Thanks To Media Shopping

This is what I like when everything is online, I mean you can just click away and you will be able to find things that sometimes you can’t find in the mall. Everything get hectic when holiday season is fast approaching and obviously I am one of them since I am working at night shift, and this is just the right timing because I can find the guitar center tampa in just a fingertips away. My eldest daughter is so much into guitars and I am so proud of her watching her strumming her guitar as the lead guitar, she was able to do perfectly or at least for me and I am sure she will like this if I will show her the site. I can’t buy the guitar this month probably next month during her birthday.

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My daughter has been after me to buy her an electric guitar. I was thinking of giving her one as a Christmas gift, but the timing was not right. Now I have to think of what is really on her wishlist.

If I get her the first item on her list, the electric guitar, I am sure I will have to get her an amplifier, microphones and the various cords associated with it. Not only that, once my little one sees what we have got for her sister, she will be after us to get her a better violin, then the basic learner one we got her last year.

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I Hope I Will Not Forget

One of the gifts that I gave to my daughter is an accessory for her guitar, I just forgot the name. She was so happy when she received it. I hope I won’t forget also to tell her this st 12.  I don’t know how to use this in her guitar what I am sure about is this is very useful for her guitar. My daughter is not yet home because she is at her classmate’s house to attend a birthday party. I will tell her when she gets home. And I have to finish my task in my blog because my niece will borrow this tonight for a project. Right now, while she is waiting, she’s busy listening to some music on her tablet. My niece also knows how to play guitar but not as expert with my daughter, she gets tired easily, she opted to just listen and not playing.

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