The Guitar Served Its Best

My daughter’s guitar is busted again. We need to buy another string because one of the strings just got cut off. My daughter keeps on asking about it since it is her past time whenever she is not busy of something. But I was not able to buy anything yet; I always got caught off for something that I tended to forget the string. How I wish to just buy the used martin guitars, maybe it is more durable than this guitar that my eldest daughter have. But on the second thought the guitar already serves it best since it she has been using it for long time now. Unlike with her other guitar, it got damaged so easily even before a year. Yeah it didn’t last a year, so I guess this guitar already served its best.

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Very Much Worth It

I think I have already mentioned in my other blog that Mj and her band won the contest last month. It was such an amazing day for Mj; they could not even contain their happiness when they heard who got the champion. Mj was the base at that time; they were playing some acoustic songs with her best acoustic guitar pickup. I was not able to watch the whole performance since I arrived in the school late but I stayed until they announced the winner. I can’t help but to applaud so hard with their achievements so their effort to practice every weekend is very much worth it.


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Upgrade Your Guitar

Mj’s drum lesson has ended but she was not able to join the recital since the recital was held on Sunday, two days before she could finish the 10 days session. When she had her guitar lesson 2 years ago, she was able to join the recital since she finished it just before the recital. Oh well it was okay with me that she was not able to join, I also need to budget my money since joining the recital, you have to pay for it so your kid can join. Anyway, it’s June 1st, are you also finish with your summer school? Oh well I hope you finish all the activities that you have this summer so when the classes will start you will be focus on your study and not with anything else. Although it is also fun to at least strum your guitar every now and then but make sure you do it on weekends. Are you upgrading your guitar? Oh don’t you worry, you can find them anywhere. Just a click away and you can find the best Fender American Elite Telecaster Electric Guitars, you don’t have to go to the mall to roam around you can just check over the Internet, I know when the school begins you don’t have much time at all to go to the mall to check on some music accessories, or guitars or drumsticks. You just have to browse and viola everything is there.

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Good Quality Instruments

Although there are upgraded tunes around no one can still beat the beauty that the saxophone or guitars bring, especially when you buy sax reeds from wwbw. Yeah, you can fake the tone of your voice but not the beat of those musical instruments, so it has to be the best. You have to go to a shop that is dependable with good quality instruments. Did I say good quality instruments? I am sure this is the best gift you could ever give this holiday season to your kids. My kids are musically inclined, so I always think of things I would ever give them however we are very tight in budget right now. But maybe next year, hopefully next year.

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