Discovery Kids For My Youngest

Last March just before the Holy Week, Sky Cable open all the channels for all the subscribers. One of them was the Discovery Channel. Faith was so hooked up with it when she knew about the channel, she doesn’t even asking for us to change it in Disney Channel, her favorite channel ever since so when the Holy Week was over, Sky Cable have to close down those channels that are only for holidays. Faith was crying when she can’t view the Discovery Channel anymore. The last visit I had with Sky Cable I requested to have the Discovery Channel back.

Faith loves Science; it is her favorite subject next to English. She is very enthralled with all the things related to observation and experiment or technology, she is even interested to some particular things came from. So when I learned that Faith was so sad because the Discovery Kids was taken out, I requested for Discovery Channel to add to my subscription and now Faith is a happy kid once again.

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Earth Has Its Own Inner Core

This is unbelievably a new discovery from our own planet. The colleagues of the research team in University of Illinois at the Nanjing University in China found a new discovery that you all might be interested with. They found that the Earth inner core has its own inner core that has surprising revelation for our planet earth. This inner core is made of iron crystals in the outer layer while the inner core is directionally aligned north-south. And the inner-inner core the iron crystals directionally in the east west. The inner inner core behaves differently as it pointed directly to east-west opposite from the other inner core. It does not only behaves differently but it is more likely made of a different kinds of crystals maybe a different phase.

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World’s Oldest Cheese

The oldest cheese that is known in this world was just found this year, 2014. It is found in Taklamakan Dessert in China, tucked away on the bodies of 3, 800 year old mummies. Scholars uncovered that cheese began on the 6th millennium BC although actual example of the cheese is hard to be proven.

Just this year archaeologist found a lump of cheese on the chest and neck of the mummies in China’s Xiaohe Cemetery. And analysis came out with the result that, those yellowish substance is really cheese. It is also states that these dairy substances is nutritious and is similar to yogurtlike kefir. Why it was in the chest of the mummies? The cheese was probably left in the grave as a snack in afterlife.

 Source: Yahoo

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Electro Magnetic Force

I was shock to read the news this morning, A Malaysian Airline, which has known to be the safest airline and no records of accidents whatsoever has gone lost without giving a distress signal to the base. One tweeted that we might have a new Bermuda triangle in the Asia. My nieces inserted and yes a Bermuda triangle so I asked her what about it? She started to explain to me about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Many planes and ships were lost there and gone missing, the famous one was the flight 19.

So tonight before I went to bed, I research about the Bermuda Triangle mystery, and I found the documentary of it in You Tube, it is very interesting some believed of it and some said it is only a myth. A pilot who was able to experience it and luckily got out of it said that they saw a hole, while there’s a storm forming in each side of their plane. He flew with his Dad and he could see that his Dad is already panicking. The weather expert said it maybe has two storms collide and it formed a hole. There’s one who said that there must be an electromagnetic force in the area so some of the planes that pass by there went off missing without a trace, it just lost in mystery and never found until now.

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