Not At All

First and foremost, it’s not that easy as it sound if you are working in a call center because I’d been through hell just to reach my goal every month. Yeah, we are only seating overnight but don’t you know that our brain works very hard even over time just to analyze what’s going on to each customer’s account. And when the brain works too hard it produce too much stressed that you may not be able to endure. It gets you a severe headache even you’re reached home to think why you got detractor while you already resolved the problem. Your patience will even be tested when you encounter a customer who chooses not to accept the fact even they already understand but you have to remain calm even if they are already shouted at you. We are useless to the country? How about the huge tax we contributed to the country? Of course you won’t realize it, maybe because you are not contributing even a penny? And mind you I am a mother of two and my husband is too miles away from me but  I never consider being unfaithful, it is not because of the field of work girl, it is all about what you are why you choose to being one. Mind you even with people who are in a higher position could be unfaithful because they choose it or maybe they could not control the lust or whatever it is. So whoever you are, working in a call center is not an easy job at all, you have to work for it every night just to get a hundred percent of  survey from your customer. If you still doubting it then try it yourself, then let’s see.

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He Looks Like My Dad

We were watching a movie one time and this actor showed up in the screen that my daughter kept on saying “he really looks like my Dad!” I know Faith miss her dad so much that every time she saw some white American in the mall she would tell them her Dad and that she misses him so much.

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I am thankful though of our technology because we were able to talk to him through Viber, she can ask him to open his camera so she can see him. But there are times that online cannot be enough to fill in the emptiness, we miss him so much!


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How Powerful Is Social Media Nowadays

It can cover the whole truth, it can bend what’s correct and it can make the lies so powerful that it can turn out nothing but the truth. So be very careful because no matter what position you are right now when somebody hit the video button, you will get the limelight either good or bad. When it’s good, even the 3 year old toddler will praise you but when it’s bad, it would bring you so down that you may wish you were never be born.

Watch out what you write because in social media everything can be shared and these words of yours even if it was just created without basing anything particular, it will be taken against you.

I was watching videos randomly in You Tube and this video caught my attention. One lady was calling someone, asking for assistance and  she recorded it, what’s the agent was asking and verifying and guess what,  they made fun of her saying why they can’t do this and that and why they can’t just give in what they want. And the comments of that video oh well it was one sided, some were posting very outraging comments and put the agent into a very bad position.

And this United Airline incident, I am sure many of you sided the passenger who got dragged out of his seat because someone or a crew will be sitting down his spot. While watching it, I felt sorry for the passenger and got so mad with the airline right away, it was just so unfair! Good thing, I don’t have to board in a plane, I don’t have money to travel so I will stick in my hometown maybe until forever. It is normal to react that way but throwing massive fits online I mean that’s too far beyond discriminatory knowing that the two guards who dragged the guy out from his seat were suspended or maybe terminated already to just pacify the world. I am not against you people, believe me or not how I wish they could have done it in diplomatic way but I am sure that there is an explanation behind that video, what causes of the dragging, why do they have to do the very harsh way, as you said very inhuman not to mention that the person was already 65 years old. Hear the two sides of the story, understand both parties and don’t just throw comments without trying to know the truth because there are also innocent people involved, those people who are just following the law, who are just doing their job and who are just reading the agreement though they said it is very small that no one can ever noticed it.

With the Airline involved, I guess they need to do an effective planning for the passengers, for the crew, for employees and to whoever will board in the plane. I am not expert of an airline law, whatever it is but this should not happen if both parties are just being so careful of their actions and their decision.


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Twitter Hacked

My eldest daughter was complaining about something one day, she said it seems like her twitter was hacked. Her friend told her that a certain name seems like putting things on her twitter that if she wanted to retrieve her twitter back she should message her. I tried to help her but she could not recover it anymore. When she tried to log in to her Instagram, she was having a hard time to it. When she finally logged in I advised her to change her password in which she did right away. I also told her to change her password on her Facebook, she also gladly followed it. Good thing it was only her twitter that got hacked otherwise she will be doomed. Her twitter doesn’t have much photos so she is safe, I hope she is.

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